Friday, 4 March 2011

Guest Blogger: Jean Hart Stewart

A BIG welcome to Jean Hart Stewart! She joins us this week to talk about love at first sight, which is the premise of her newly released book, For Love is New, published by Passion in Print Press. This phenomenon has always fascinated me. Perhaps it does you, too.


Love at first sight? What a wonderful topic to ask me to write about. I believe in it thoroughly. I lived it, I experienced it, I never doubted when it happened to me.

Here’s my personal story. A very nice guy, but one who didn’t appeal to me asked me for several dates and I turned him down. So when he phoned me to say his brother wanted to meet me I assumed either it was either a setup or that the brother wouldn’t interest me. So I dodged, saying I had to go to the library. This all took place at Ohio State University, a large campus and definitely not the best excuse I could have come up with. Brother replied fine, they’d meet me there. At this point I started getting a little nervous, so talked a girl friend into going with me for protection.

When we got to the library, the two brothers walked down the twelve foot wide library steps to the first floor. I can still shut my eyes and see them coming. I thought my future mate was the handsomest man I’d ever seen, and I still do. DH-to-be asked me to go to the drugstore for a coke, and cursing myself I had to decline since I had my friend to consider. On the way home, I told her I’d just met the man I was going to marry. She laughed, but let me tell you he didn’t have a chance, poor about-to-be-married dear. A determined woman is gonna win every time.

So I most definitely believe in love at first sight. Looking back, I find I’ve used my deep conviction such love is possible in many of my books. My latest WIP has two brothers, both of whom fall instantly for girls, and neither one is looking for love at all. It’s tentatively titled Victoria’s Visions, and I’m having lots of fun writing it. Here’s a very short and unedited excerpt from when Cabot meets Vicky. He’s engaged to another girl, but Vicky grabs him by the heartstrings. Immediately. This takes place two days after they meet.

“What’s wrong Cabot? You suddenly look like a thundercloud. I thought you liked the view.”
He’d reached the edge of the stand of trees. He wheeled and grabbed her against his rampant body, kissing her with a ferocity stunning them both.
“You’re what’s wrong, Victoria.”
Her lips parted under his as she sighed into his mouth. He briefly tightened his hold but gentled his kiss. When he felt her lips grow even softer he let his hands trace the curves of her body with a hunger barely under control. A wave of passion swept through his all too ready body. It didn’t help at all when she flung her arms around him, clinging tightly and pressing her softness against his stiff erection.”

Just an ordinary love scene? Not quite. Cabot and Vicky met the day before. So yes, I definitely believe in love at first sight and write about it often. I’d love to know if any of you are as convinced as I am.

Lord Christian Cherne, recently invalided out of the Penninsular Army, is looking forward to the pleasures of London. He has one duty to discharge before he searches for a mistress. He must offer his protection to Lady Juliet Sloan. Paul Sloan was killed in battle, leaving Christian a horrifying letter of his sadistic treatment at the hands of Roger Gullis. To his dismay, Christian finds Gullis sitting in Lady Juliet’s parlor when he comes to call. All his plans must now concentrate on keeping Juliet safe. Christian further suspects Gullis of being a traitor and his fears for Juliet increase.
Juliet is attracted, but suspicious of which man is the traitor. As attraction between Juliet and Christian grows, Gullis turns cruelly vengeful.
Will Juliet and Christian be able to thwart Gullis’ plans to help bring Napoleon back to power, even as he finds wicked retribution for his rejection by the two lovers he has come to hate?


They reached the oak almost simultaneously.

“I won,” crowed Julie. “You were close, but I won.”

“You little minx, it was a tie. Next time I won’t offer you any start if you can ride like that.”

Her face alight with laughter, Julie swiped at her arm. “These blasted black flies. Oh drat, a huge one’s settled on Torie.”

She leaned over to brush the big insect off Torie’s shoulder at the precise moment a shot rang out. Juliet felt the whoosh of air as the bullet passed over her. Right where she would have been had she not stooped over Torie.

“Julie!” Christian was off his horse in a flash and pulled her down into his arms. “Are you hit?”

He ran his hands up and down her body and then over her face. He groaned as he held her face in his hands and fastened his lips on hers in a desperate attempt to assure himself she was alive and well. Her response was immediate, even more ardent than the times he’d kissed her before. He buried his tongue in her mouth for a brief moment before shuddering and setting her aside.

“My God, Julie, you could have died before my eyes. A fine protector I am.”


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