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Get your Just Desserts for the holidays DESSERTS
Authors: compiled by the authors and staff at Tirgearr Publishing
Released: December 2012 - Updated November 2013
ISBN: 9781301566303
Genre: Cookery
Price: FREE or 99c some Kindle sites*
*proceeds from Kindle sales go to charity
Get your copy here: Kindle US, Kindle UK, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, Nook, Sony

**Please note: This book has been updated to include 23 additional recipes**

67 recipes for festive desserts and drinks for the holiday season, all contributed by the wonderful authors and staff at Tirgearr Publishing.


Good read, with nice recipes - Teresa A. Chadwell
Nice collection of recipes that would be easy to read and prepare. Any cook would be pleased to have these recipes to try. Thanks for the recipes. I will be sure to incorporate them into my holiday preparation.

Sugar Rush…Yum - Anastasia
A delicious collection of Tirgearr Publishing’s staff coming together and sharing their favourite holiday desserts and drinks. Having the sweetest tooth south of the equator I adored all the dessert recipes.

Yummy - Carol Heiland-Rosa
Get it, you won't regret it-love the desserts! And the price is wonderful (free that is - tee hee hee)

Family loved these desserts! - Carley
I managed to make 3/4 of the recipes in this book. The family loved every one. Great twists on traditional dishes, along with some new!

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Zrinka Jelic: Deck the Halls

Please help me welcome Zrinka Jelic to Heart of Fiction.

Originally from Croatia, Zrinka now calls Canada home. She's a prolific writer -- a member of RWA and it's FF&P chapter, as well as Savvy Authors -- but new to Tirgearr Publishing.

Today we'll be talking with Zrinka about her latest release, Deck the Halls, a wonderful holiday inspired paranormal romance.

Zach can’t get excited about Christmas, especially knowing it's his last day as a human. Evil sorceress, Tia, tries forcing Zach's wolf form out early, but when he fails to fall for her tricks, she punished him by turning him to a dog. Zach has just 48 hours to save his family and trade his own life for another in order to break Tia's spell.

Julie finds a stray dog and resists putting an ad in the paper because he's so cute and friendly. That, and for some weird reason, the dog reminds her of her friend Zach, whom she secretly loves.

Miss Molly, Julie's cat, is onto the dog. She knows who he really is and tries keeping the two apart. But Zach must protect Julie from Tia, regardless what the cat thinks.

When Julie is confronted by Tia, Julie must fight for Zach if they're to have a future together.

Deck the Halls is a wonderful installment to Tirgearr Publishing's collection of holiday stories. The relationship which develops between Julie and Zach is fraught with angst from the start -- Zach's inability to ask out a girl he really likes, Julie's inability to tell Zach how she feels about him, and then Julie's subsequent love of a stray who oddly reminder her of a man she secretly loves. Add the mischievousness of Miss Molly, Tia's angry jelousy, and of course that the holidays have a chance at being truly ruined, and this story already packs a big novel into this short novella. A great read, not just for the holiday season, but all year.

We had a moment to sit down with Zrinka and talk to her about her life away from the computer --

Welcome to Heart of Fiction, Zrinka, and congrats on the release of your new book!

Readers love learning new things about authors, so we're looking forward to getting to know more about you today. For example, when you write, do you schedule time to write, or just catch snippets whenever you can? What is your daily writing routine like?
It changed since I’ve started working full time. There’s very little time at the end of the day and on the weekends that I can dedicate to my writing, but I keep plowing through. Slow but steady onward. Of course, with my time away from home, household chores are waiting too. So that eats into my precious time. But I’m always plotting that next book, chapter, scene. Even if I can’t always write it down and often times it’s hard to remember every detail that came to my mind, but as soon as I’m hit with the answer to the question “Now, there was something else I wanted to write in, what was it?” I open up my wip and put it in. If I’m not near my computer, then I just jot it down.
I know how tough it can be to find time to write when you have family and a full time job, but the dedicated writer will grab even five minutes when it presents itself, as you do.

When you get that precious time to write, where do you do it? Do you have an office or like your time, grab a chair where you can? Describe your writing space.
Not much to describe. It can be anywhere, I can take my laptop wherever I’d like to write, but I find it hard to concentrate with all the noise in let’s say Starbucks. The espresso machines frothing and the barista’s. Tried to listen to my music, but felt awkward having to sit there with my headphones on my head. So for the most part, I’m writing at home. On my burgundy couch, laptop on my well, lap. If I feel like having the music blasting through my headphones and maybe I forget my manners and start to sing and dance in my chair. Until my family tells me to knock it off.
You're right. Not everyone can write in the local coffee shop. I'd be distracted by the noise too. And the pastries!

What do you enjoy doing when you're not writing? Do you have hobbies?
I like to workout. Years ago I was into Yoga, then I got tired of it. But now I’m back and it’s harder to get back into it then start from the scratch. I think the reason for it is that I know the basics and I was once so flexible, now I can hardly do a semi-decent bow pose. Well, at least I can do it. I’ll get better at it. I can only hope. As my yoga instructor said once, you hit a certain age there are two choices, old age home or yoga. I chose yoga. It’s funny how stiff and yet firm you can get without lifting weights and pushing yourself hard in the gym. Though, I just spent some 50 minutes on the treadmill at level 20. Gotta put in those 5 K’s.
Hey, at least you're doing it and not just talking about doing it (like I do), and you'll regain flexibility over time. Your instructor was right though. "The home" or get fit.

Thanks for chatting with us. We'll let you get back to limbering up . . . for the next book ;-). Happy holidays, and thanks for rounding out our week of holiday inspired stories. I hope the Great Fat Man brings you something nice on the day.

Before we check out the excerpt, remember, Zrinka is giving away a copy of Deck the Halls to one lucky commenter today. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you.

Also, in Tirgearr's 5-in-5 event, all commenters this week will be put into a draw for the grand prize at the end of the week -- all FIVE books published this week. PLUS the three books from last years' event. That's *EIGHT* books to one lucky commenter. Be *sure* to leave your email address so we can contact you.

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• • •

It isn’t the string of crappy jobs, or people’s irrational urge to spend their money, or even his inability to ask Julie out on a date that Zach can’t get excited about Christmas. It is the fact that today is his last day he gets to spend in his preferred human form.

When jealous Tia, a wicked sorceress disguised as the pack’s alpha female, tries to force his wolf out a day early, all-consuming anger sends him into a rage against her. She punishes shape shifter Zach, by changing him to a dog. He has 48 hours to save his family and trade his life for someone else’s in order to break the spell—the only problem, Julie’s cat Miss Molly knows who he is and won’t let him near her owner. But Julie’s safety is the greatest importance and he sticks by her side.

Julie can’t resist falling in love with the stray dog she rescues. She prolongs putting a found dog ad in the local newspaper just to keep him for another day. Strange thing is, the animal reminds her of Zach.
Confronted with the woman who stole the man she secretly loves, Julie discovers the truth about Zach. When his dog form proves useless against the powerful alpha werewolf, the help comes from unforeseen allies.

Zach shoved one more shopping cart left in the middle of the parking lot into the long row of other carts. The cheerful laughter of people added to his vexation. Anger flared in him and he blew another hot breath. Damn it all, he was a son of a Roman Centurion, destined for greatness. He’d proved his worth in many wars, winning countless battles.

It was the heart of a woman he couldn’t win.

A chance to see Julie was the reason enough to get sucked into taking a shift, filling in for someone who was nursing a hangover. Maybe on his last day in human form he would muster enough courage to live up his fantasy. He should be in bed, bringing Julie to Heaven and not just imagine he was making love to her. Then again, not every story ended on a happy note.

On the sidewalk of the large department store, the hired Santa rang his bell. “Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas.”

Coins clinked, filling the tin can in Santa’s hand. The perpetual darkness of early winter didn’t seem to dampen human’s giving or shopping mood. Zach tilted his head toward the dusk sky and squinted against the wet snowflakes. The low hovering, gray clouds almost scraped the tops of the buildings, bringing cold winds.

At his shove, the carts rumbled and coasters screeched on the cement. The shift manager would have a fit if he saw him pushing this many carts at once. Not that Zach cared. He’d made the employee of the month for three months in a row despite the nasty boss.

Another step and he’d cross the long driveway of the parking lot, get out of the frigid air and into a heated store foyer. A pickup drove through a puddle. Splashes of dirty, freezing water soaked his worn jeans. Goose flesh raced up his bare legs underneath with icy bite. The black truck’s engine roared and the vehicle peeled out of the parking lot, leaving wet tire tracks on the pavement. He glared at the taillights disappearing in the large snowflakes. The bobbing tip of the Douglas fir, hanging from the edge of the truck’s bed, reminded Zach of dead deer antlers. Strange tradition to chop down a tree, bring it indoors, prop it upright, decorate it, praise it, only to toss it onto the curb a week or so later.

At the store entrance the scruffy guy playing Christmas carols on his guitar shrugged and flashed him a sorrowful look. A patron threw a handful of coins in the open case. He doffed his baseball cap and changed the tune for yet another melody that was supposed to spread holiday cheer. 

Peace and joy, goodwill towards people, my ass.

• • •

Zrinka Jelic lives in Ontario, Canada. A member of the Romance Writers of America and its chapter Fantasy Futuristic &Paranormal, as well as Savvy Authors, she writes contemporary fiction—which leans toward the paranormal—and adds a pinch of history. Her characters come from all walks of life, and although she prefers red, romance comes in many colors. Given Jelic’s love for her native Croatia and the Adriatic Sea, her characters usually find themselves dealing with a fair amount of sunshine, but that’s about the only break they get.

Find Zrinka Online --

Tirgearr Publishing

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Kristi Ahlers: The Trouble with Holly

Kristi Ahlers is back with us today with another great addition to her Trouble Series -- The Trouble with Holly. Just in time for the holidays!

Kristi is one of Tirgearr Publishing's most prolific writers, and her Trouble Series is extremely popular. And why not with so much trouble out there to write about . . . French Kisses, Pilots, Voodoo, Cupcakes, Mistletoe, Beaches, Vineyards, Halloween, and now Holly.

What's the Trouble with Holly, you ask? The trouble is, Holly wants to go to France for a wine tasting tour with her girlfriends, but she's broke. If she's going to travel with her friends, France pretty much being her bucket list, she needs money. It's the holidays so she takes a seasonal job as Santa's helper in Harrington's Department Store. Yep, Holly as an elf. There is where Holly's troubles really begin. There and with Santa.

Who's Santa? Why, Mr. Harrington, of course. And he loooooves the holidays. His year would not be complete without becoming Santa for the holidays. When his helper turns out to be one sexy lady, called Holly no less, he has to get to know her better. But she has other ideas. Her focus is on France, not love. She's all kinds of trouble, but he likes trouble.

As with Krisit's other Trouble stories, Holly will not disappoint. This story is full of emotion . . . laughs, sighs, angst, and love. And wow, can Kristi write a kiss! Readers will come away from this story with a pitter-pat and a sigh. And maybe with a new appreciation for the holiday season.

Before we check out the excerpt, remember, Kristi is giving away a copy of The Trouble with Holly to one lucky commenter today. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you.

Also, in Tirgearr's 5-in-5 event, all commenters this week will be put into a draw for the grand prize at the end of the week -- all FIVE books published this week. PLUS the three books from last years' event. That's *EIGHT* books to one lucky commenter. Be *sure* to leave your email address so we can contact you.

And if you're on Facebook, Tigearr is running the same event on their events page. Double your chances of winning by joining the event there and leaving your comments --

• • •

Holly McIntyre has just been invited to join a group of her friends who are traveling to France for a wine tasting trip that will end in Paris. Holly has dreamed of taking a trip to France since she was a little girl. Now the only thing standing between her and her dream trip is her checking account. Well, she’s not going to miss out on this chance, even if it means getting a demeaning job as an elf for Santa Clause at Harrington’s Department Store. Holly hates Christmas, finds it too commercial and just can never seem to get into the holiday spirit. Of course the Santa she’s being an elf for has way to much holiday happiness, so this is not going to be an easy task, but Paris is on the other side. Now if she could only ignore the red hot attraction burning between Santa and herself. Oh, Santa, baby! 

Christopher Harrington loves the holidays and volunteers every year as Santa at his family’s department store. This year his elf is anything but a happy little soul. And yet, he is drawn to Holly and her sassy personality and realizes she poses as a holiday challenge. He’s going to get this prickly little Scrooge to come around and see there really is magic to the Christmas season and that not everyone is interested in things bought in a store. Holly might mean trouble but Christopher is not afraid of that. Trouble can be fun.

Holly McIntyre blew out a breath as she frowned down at her checking account balance and worked hard to resist the urge to scream in utter frustration. 

“Well, do you think you can swing it?” Dahlia asked as she continued to file her nails, smacking on her gum without a care in the world.

“I don’t think so.” Holly nibbled on the inside of her lower lip.

“You’ve got to come, Holly; we’re talking France!”

“Yeah, I know.” Holly wanted to spend Christmas in France, going on wine tasting trips and strolling the Champs-Élysées. She wanted to experience the city she’d been dreaming about since she was a little girl. And here was her chance to leave the cold and windy city of Chicago for Paris.

Dahlia set her emery board down and pinned Holly with a determined look. “You’re going to go; you deserve this trip, and I won’t take no for an answer.” She reached over for the legal pad that had Holly’s budget written on it and ran her perfectly manicured fingertip down the yellow lined paper. “Girl you’re so organized you give professional organizers like me a bad name.”

Holly laughed. It was true; although Dahlia owned her own organizing business and could organize a hoarder into a happy Zen place, she didn’t prescribe to the same thought process.

Dahlia pushed the legal pad back across the table. “Maybe you could pick up another job?”

“Yeah, because interior design jobs are just dropping out of the sky like snowflakes.” Holly was an interior designer but business had fallen off with the turn of the economy and people just weren’t redoing kitchens and other rooms. She had enough clients and projects to keep the wolf from the door as it were but not enough to buy a ticket to Paris.

“Get a second job!” Dahlia clapped her hands together in glee. “Find a part time job; the holidays are right around the corner,and you can find something that will pay well enough for a plane ticket and a week of hotels.”

“Gee, is that all?” Holly pushed her dark hair behind her right ear and continued to look at her pitiful budget. She really needed to save and put money aside, for when trip opportunities like this arose, she could go without any guilt.

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I do.” Holly stood and went into the kitchen and grabbed a glass before filling it with some water. “I need to find something that will allow me to work on the jobs I’ve got and still be able to fund a trip to Europe. I doubt seriously I’ll find that.”

Dahlia, one never to sit around and wait for things to happen, was already looking in the want ads. “Here you go! This will be perfect.”

That was just too easy, and Holly went over to the table and leaned over to look at what advertisement had her friend so excited.

“Oh no. Hell no.” Holly shook her head back and forth. “No way.” She backed away from the table and went back to the kitchen to put the glass in the sink.

“Come on, Holly. It will be fun. And you would only have to work a few hours a week.”

“Are you high? I’m not going to do that.” She pointed her finger at the offending paper. “I’d rather sling drinks at a bar, or ask if someone wants to supersize their fries with their order.”

Dahlia shivered. “Eww. Food service is not for you, my friend.”

“Well, that,” she pointed once again to the newspaper, “isn’t for me either.”

“What if I applied with you? Would you do it then? Just think you could go to Paris! The Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, the Louvre! And don’t get me started on the wine!”

Holly crossed her arms across her chest and sighed. She did want to go to Paris; she wanted to go badly. But the idea of dressing up as an elf for Harrington’s Department store’s Holiday Village made her want to break out in a rash. She loathed the holidays, found Christmas to be nothing but a “Hey, what are you gonna get me” grasping holiday. 

 The meaning and the magic was gone and had been since she was a little girl and learned Santa was really her Uncle Matthew. Still, there had been something about those country Christmas’s she missed. Perhaps it was the family or the innocence of the whole thing. Now, Christmas was all about money and what big electronic thing was going to be sitting under the tree. Her family was scattered; none of them in Illinois anymore and with lives of their own. In fact of all her brothers and sisters—there were six—she really only seemed to talk to them on Christmas Eve and on birthdays. It was sad really. This is why going to France with her girlfriends seemed like such a wonderful idea. She wouldn’t be sitting alone watching movies and eating ice cream by the ton.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” Holly uncrossed her arms and walked back to the kitchen table, dropping down into the chair. “I mean how bad could it be?”

• • •

 Kristi Ahlers is a California girl! She grew up in Northern California in a small city called Yuba City. Since then she's lived in Brussels, Belgium, and England along with a myriad of other locations. A former flight attendant, she was able to continue to feed her love of travel. This has greatly influenced her writing, allowing her to pen stories about places she's managed to visit and things she's experienced.

Kristi loves to hear from her readers.

Find Kristi online --

Kristi Ahlers
Kristi's Blog
Tirgearr Publishing

The Trouble Series, book nine

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C. Margery Kempe: Man City: Martin

Please welcome C. Margery Kempe back to Heart of Fiction. C. Margery is the author of the fabulous Man City Series -- Shai, Lizzie, and now Martin.

Martin is a special release for Tirgearr Publishing in several ways --

1) It adds the Man City Series
2) It's a holiday story so part of the Ring in the Holidays event
3) Is Tirgearr's first all male erotic romance story

All great reasons to celebrate. Let's take a look at the series --

Shai has it bad for two men in her life -- her current boyfriend, chef extraordinaire and thoughtful lover; and her ex-boyfriend, sports enthusiast . . . out of and in the bedroom. Looking to spice up her current relationship, Shai takes advantage to celebrate the monumental win of the boys' favorite team to celebrate in her own special way.

Lizzie is in an open relationship and dating two men she loves. When one of them suggests they be exclusive, Lizzie is torn. Both men are very different can appeal to her in their own ways. How can she chose? Perhaps, with their consent, a love test? She'll have them both together and make her decision.

Martin is alone over the holidays and he hates it. Especially when his two closest gay friends seem like the ideal couple. In fact, he calls them the Dynamic Duo. He's secretly had a crush on both of them, but values their friendship even more. Then one of them kisses him -- deep, hard, and with feeling. Martin is both strongly attracted yet respecting his friendship with them both and knows he can't have an affair with him. Hoping to put the incident past him, he finds himself in the same situation with the other friend. Are the Dynamic Duo breaking up? Break-ups are horrible. Friends usually go with one or the other. He would never be able to divide his affections in favor of one or the other. What is he to do when he's offered the Christmas gift of a lifetime?

The Man City Series is a great collection of creative stories which will appeal to both erotica and erotic romance readers. Each story is well-told with believable characters and situations, and some hot, hot love scenes! With Martin, one can't help feel the loneliness of the holiday season. He sees how perfect his friends' relationship is and craves a partner for himself and a perfect relationship of his own. If he can only get out of his funk. His friends prove the perfect friends by offering him the gift of a lifetime, and readers will come away from fanning themselves. At the heart of Martin is a heartwarming story of love and friendship, and happy endings in the purest sense ;-)

Before we check out the excerpt, remember, C.Margery is giving away a copy of Man City: Martin to one lucky commenter today. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you.

Also, in Tirgearr's 5-in-5 event, all commenters this week will be put into a draw for the grand prize at the end of the week -- all FIVE books published this week. PLUS the three books from last years' event. That's *EIGHT* books to one lucky commenter. Be *sure* to leave your email address so we can contact you.

And if you're on Facebook, Tigearr is running the same event on their events page. Double your chances of winning by joining the event there and leaving your comments -- 

• • •

Martin hated Christmas. Okay, maybe he didn't hate the holiday as much as he hated being on his own for it. Or worse, not on his own but spending it with Scott and James, the perfect couple. He's ready to grumble through the jolly season envying their lovely life, but then James starts flirting with him -- and on another night, so does Scott. Are the dynamic duo breaking up? Martin can't decide if he's more heartbroken at losing their perfect example -- or wildly turned on by getting one of the men of his dreams. But which one?

I hate Christmas! Martin frowned at the jolly Father Christmas waving at the crowd with unstoppable exuberance. He must be getting paid by the smile. Most people were returning the man's manic grin with all the buoyant spirit of the season—a spirit that continued to elude him.

He wouldn't exactly call himself a Scrooge, but Martin had found it difficult to get any of the abundant cheer that seemed to fill everyone else in the world right now. The holiday was weeks away and yet people were singing carols and wrapping themselves in ribbons of stripey colours and wishing for snow. 

Bah humbug. 

Admittedly a big part of that was no doubt that he hadn't had a date in weeks. Or sex with anyone but himself for even longer. Martin stopped to stare at a mannequin in the window. It was vaguely male-shaped with no eyes or mouth. And he still felt a stirring of arousal. He closed his eyes and sighed. I need to get laid! 

Maybe he would meet someone at a holiday party. It could happen. There was that cutie Lars at the office do last year. That lasted a few weeks before the Nordic beauty buggered off back home to Sweden. What a shame and a great loss to international relations. I surely improved my linguistic talents, Martin though with a wistful sigh.

He hurried down to the escalator, realizing that he had spent more time than expected dithering over a gift for his sister. She was always so hard to buy for. The only thing he knew she liked was books, but she read such odd things—non-fiction mostly, but it might be a tome on the Chinese opium trade or a dissection of a recent serial killer. It was hard to predict, but he was tired of just giving her book tokens. It seemed so impersonal.

That had to be the worst part of the holidays: making decision after decision. Martin found it so stressful. In the end he had picked up and set down a dozen books and never managed to pick any one of them, imagining her face looking utterly confused and perhaps a little offended at some of the choices.

So it was a wasted foray into the hated mall so far. And he needed to step up the pace because he was meeting Scott and James for a late lunch at the pub. Martin felt a wave of despair wash over him. Normally he looked forward to spending even a little time with the Dynamic Duo, but at the moment their shiny perfection was a painful reminder of his hopelessness.

Nothing like a happy couple to make you feel like you were fated to die alone with a hundred cats and empty gin bottles around your feet. Martin found it all too easy to picture today. He could even see the ginger cat that would chomp on his recently deceased corpse with a barely contained glee. Would anyone cry for me? Martin mused. Drama queen!

 • • •

C. Margery Kempe is a writer of erotic romance distinguished by its humour, intelligence, and fearless sensual pleasures. Her stories range from contemporary thrillers to medieval era fairy tales.

An English professor by day, she also writes on medieval literature, film, creative writing and New Media, as well as humor, drama, mainstream and genre fiction under her real name and non-explicit romance as Kit Marlowe.

She's a weekly blogger at Nights of Passion on Sundays.

 Find C. Margery online at --

Nights of Passion
The Pop Culture Divas
Tirgearr Publishing

Man City: Martin
Man City Series, book three

Man City: Shai
Man City Series, book one
Man City: Lizzie
Man City Series, book two

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Stella Whitelaw: Christmas Once More

We're pleased to welcome back, Stella Whitelaw, to Heart of Fiction.

Stella is a prolific author of more than 200 books and short stories, including the popular Jordan Lacey Mysteries, Sweet Seduction, No Darker Heaven, Lucifer's Bride, and others.

In her newest, the Once More Series, Stella pulls together some of her favorite short stories into themed collections. Previously, she published the first in the series, Yesterday Once More, which was a collection of historically based stories -- settings from the 16th to 20th centuries . . . all 'yesterday' stories. Christmas Once More is a similar collection -- stories with a Christmas theme.

There's something for everyone in Christmas Once More. Stories include a woman taking back her life at the holidays, a young girl forced to endure a horrible costume for the sake of a holiday event and making the best of it, neighbors competing for the brightest house decorations, and more. Even some of Stella's favorite kitties make an appearance. Most importantly, all of the stories have an inspiring and happy ending. Readers will laugh and sigh as they read. This is a definite must read for the holidays.

Before we check out the excerpt, remember, Stella is giving away a copy of Christmas Once More to one lucky commenter today. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you.

Also, in Tirgearr's 5-in-5 event, all commenters this week will be put into a draw for the grand prize at the end of the week -- all FIVE books published this week. PLUS the three books from last years' event. That's *EIGHT* books to one lucky commenter. Be *sure* to leave your email address so we can contact you.

And if you're on Facebook, Tigearr is running the same event on their events page. Double your chances of winning by joining the event there and leaving your comments -- 

• • •
A collection of holiday short stories

A Cracking Time
Blue Nosed Clown
Bright Lights
Christmas In January
Christmas is Off This Year
Christmas Schedule Blues
Glad Tidings of Great Joy
Knock, Knock Noel
No Haste Christmas
The Second Ugly Sister
Twelve Days to Christmas

excerpt from Christmas Schedule Blues
Chloe was stressed out merely thinking about Christmas. She kept insisting that it was celebrated on the wrong day, maybe even the wrong month. She’d read somewhere that it was really December 7 or January 24.

“It’s meaningless,” she said, watching her friend Lorraine decorate the office walls with loops of gold-coloured paper and gold-sprayed holly.

“Nonsense,” said Lorraine, moving the steps along to another area of wall. “Doesn’t it all this make you feel better? Feel happier and looking forward to the festivities and fun?”

Chloe shook her head. “Sorry, no. It only makes me feel tired. If you handed me a cracker, I wouldn’t have the energy to pull it.”

“Mince pie? I’ve brought in loads.”

“No, thank you. Too sweet and loaded with calories.”

“Roast turkey on Christmas day?”

“You can buy supermarket turkey all year round, so what’s so special?”


Chloe shuddered. “I can’t stand them. Who started carols, I’d like to know? Those endless carols in shops, recorded carols in the street, carols on the doorstep. Save me from wallpaper carols.”

“What about your family?”

“The only family I have is a brother and he’s in the Navy, somewhere at sea.”

Lorraine pinned up the last sprig of holly. “Oh dear, is there anything that you do like about Christmas?”

Chloe thought carefully. She didn’t send cards or give unsuitable presents or make visits now. “I quite like snow,” she said.

“I’ll order it for you,” said Lorraine. “Remind me to speak to the weather man.”

 • • •
 Stella Whitelaw began writing seriously at the age of nine. She was ill with measles when her father gave her an Imperial Portable typewriter. Covered in spots, she sat up in bed and taught herself to type.

At sixteen, she became a cub reporter and worked her way up to Chief Reporter. She was the first woman Chief Reporter, the youngest, and the only one who was pregnant.

After producing a family, she became Secretary of the Parliamentary Press Gallery at the House of Commons. Secretary then meant the original meaning, Secretariat, the keeper of secrets. She was awarded an MBE in 2001 but is not sure why.

Like Trollope, she wrote books on the train and in the recesses. The Jordan Lacey PI series is her favourite and the cruise crime books. Her big romances, No Darker Heaven and Sweet Seduction, were a marathon adventure.

Stella has won a woman’s magazine national short story competition and the London Magazine’s Art of Writing competition judged by Sheridan Morley. The Elizabeth Goudge Cup was presented to her at Guildford University.

Homeless cats find their way to Stella’s lifelong hospitality and she has written eight books of cat stories for the 7 – 70 plus.

Find Stella online --

Tirgearr Publishing

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Betsy J. Bennett: Santa Takes A Wife

Please help us welcome back, Betsy J. Bennett, to Heart of Fiction. Betsy visited us before with her book, The Frog Kiss. Today she sees the release of her next book. Santa Takes A Wife . . . just in time for the holidays!

Betsy is an avid reader and a prolific writer. When she's not spending time with her family, she can always be found either writing or researching her next novel.

Tirgearr Publishing is hosting their annual 5-in-5 Ring in the Holidays Event this week -- five books published over five days, all holiday inspired. Santa Takes A Wife is the first out of the gate.

Nicholas St. Noel is Santa's son. It's time to pass the reigns, so to speak, and Nicholas not only finds himself inheriting the Santa position, but also needing a wife. Every Santa needs a Mrs. Santa, right?

Beth Anderson has always been a Christmas enthusiast. Her collection of Santa figurines and memorabilia is quite extensive. When she meets Nicholas, he seems the perfect man for her, but his claim to be Santa . . . the REAL Santa . . . is quite unbelievable. Can Nicholas convince Beth he's the real McCoy, so to speak? What does Beth think about spending the rest of her life in the wilds of the North Pole? You'll have to read the book to find out!

Santa Takes A Wife is a romance in the classic style of romance storytelling, with all the glitz and celebration of Christmas. Love, the holidays, excitement, adventure . . . it's all wrapped up neatly in this lovely story. If you're looking for something inspiring to read over the holidays, this book ticks all the boxes. Maybe by the end, you'll believe Santa exists too!

Before we check out the excerpt, remember, Betsy is giving away a copy of Santa Takes A Wide to one lucky commenter today. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you.

Also, in Tirgearr's 5-in-5 event, all commenters this week will be put into a draw for the grand prize at the end of the week -- all FIVE books published this week. PLUS the three books from last years' event. That's *EIGHT* books to one lucky commenter. Be *sure* to leave your email address so we can contact you.

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• • • 

He was Santa Claus...wasn't he?

Nicholas St. Noel knew what to do to make children happy and he knew where every gift in his over-packed sleigh had to go until one Christmas when there was a gift he could not deliver.

It was time to choose a wife.

Beth Anderson believes in Christmas and in Santa Claus. She'd been relentlessly teased her whole life since she caught the real Santa as a child. But was she willing to give up her family and move to the North Pole and live with a thousand miserable elves?

Marlett shuffled his feet in the clean straw. “Was there a problem?” 

“Problem?” Nicholas ground his teeth together and spoke sharper than he intended. 

Although a creature who laughed every day of his life, over the past twenty centuries, Marlett had clearly become sensitive to the moods of his Santas. “Come in the house, Nicholas. I’ve got hot chocolate waiting.”

“I can’t.”

“It’s easy enough to do. You put one foot in front of the other, it’s called walking.” Marlett’s eyes twinkled. He was used to being obeyed. Every Santa Claus for two thousand years had complied.

Nicholas looked past him into a morning sky where the sun wouldn’t rise for another three or four months. “I have to go back out.”

“No, you don’t. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s late, you need rest.”

Nicholas removed his hat, then ran his hands through sweat-soaked hair. This one day a year it was longer than he normally wore it, and his beard had come in, full and bushy. “You don’t understand. One present hasn’t been delivered.” 

Marlett must have heard the desperation that spoke of pain. “I was wondering when that was going to happen.”

“What do you mean?” Nicholas wasn’t a man who could swear, but at times like this, it would certainly come in handy. “Is this your doing?” 

“Then your father didn’t tell you?”

Nicholas snorted, sounding, oddly enough, like the reindeer which had just left. The previous Santa Claus had not been known for long heart-to-hearts with his son.

The jingling sound of Marlett’s bells was jarring, invasive. “Nicholas, get the present. I know what it is. The fact that you could not deliver this is not the disaster you think. You are still Santa. You haven’t lost any of your ability. I’ll explain.”

Nicholas released the top button of his suit and exhaled slowly, letting a long stream of breath escape. 

“The problems of the world cannot be solved over cookies and hot chocolate.”

“This one can. Your father—” he started, but Nicholas cut him off.

“I am not my father. I can never be my father.”

“No one’s forcing you to be, are they?” 

Nicholas growled. That was exactly what they were trying to do. He was supposed to be his father. Wasn’t that the whole point? The fear which had held him in such thrall hadn’t dissipated. It tightened his guts, made his muscles weak, his head spin. 

Exhausted, bone-weary, Nicholas slumped against a barn wall, sinking slowly until he sat in the straw. His head dropped low on his broad shoulders. His hands shook. “Tell me what it is, before I take another step.”

Marlett climbed into the sleigh, pulling himself up, then disappeared momentarily. He reappeared with the gift. The wrapped package was small, tiny almost, compared to the size of most gifts Santa delivered. 

Odd, Nicholas thought, he hadn’t known it was there and he’d always known before.

“Here, open it,” Marlett said, after he climbed out again.

“Are you telling me this is my gift?”

“Yes, and no.” 

“Which is it?” Nicholas didn’t have strength in his arms to reach out.

“Open the gift, then we’ll talk.” Marlett tossed it gently and the present landed unopened into his lap. Nicholas wasn’t certain he could control the tremors in his hands enough to get them to tear ribbon and paper. “I can’t do it,” he said. He closed his eyes as a dozen conflicting emotions battled within him, topped by the two most prominent: exhaustion and despair.

Marlett retrieved the box and did the deed himself. He revealed a small jeweler’s box, and inside a diamond ring, the stone modest, probably a half carat. He handed the box over to Nicholas, who handed it right back.

“I know what that is,” Nicolas said. “Although my experience is limited, I can tell you this isn’t the type of present Santa normally delivers.”

Marlett laughed until the barn rafters echoed with the sound. “Have you never heard how Santa takes a wife?”
• • •

Betsy J. Bennett lives in Michigan with her husband, two adult daughters, three obnoxious cats and an English bulldog. She has five grandchildren. She collects dragons, creche's and Santas. She has always believed in Christmas and in Santa, and although she has yet to meet the real Santa, she has hope that with the publication of this book he'll seek her out. She is currently at work on her next novel.

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Charlene Raddon: Taming Jenna

Welcome back, Charlene Raddon.

Charlene is visiting us today from her home in Utah where we hear the temperatures are dropping dramatically for the season. Brr!

A writer from early one, Charlene is no stranger to the world of fiction. She wrote her first novel in college and went onto published half a dozen titles. Today, she brings us Taming Jenna, a novel near and dear to her heart.

Jenna Leigh-Wittington is a pip. A real western tomboy if ever there was one. Deserted by her father when she was young, Jenna taught herself to survive on her own. Now, an agent for the famous Pinkerton National Detective Agency, she puts her life-skills to work hunting down criminals. A dedicated agent, Jenna has vowed to steer clear of men and focus on her job. Home, hearth, little ones are not in her future.

Enter hired gun, Branch McCauley, who's on a mission of his own. When he meets Jenna, his own agenda is thwarted. Rather than being agry, he refocuses his attentions on this little hellcat, and a battle of wills begins.

Steamy, erotic, adventurous, and a step back in time are all words I use easily when describing Charlene's writing. And never more so than with Taming Jenna. Branch certainly has his work cut out for him if he's going to tame the feisty heroine of this story. Charlene has taken what would normally be a run of the mill western romance and lit a fire under it, inflaming her characters and giving them a fiery, and somewhat volatile, relationship. Those are the funnest to ready, IMO. I want edge-of-my-seat reading, and that's what I get reading Charlene's stories. Taming Jenna is a fast paced gallop across the American west as it was being discovered and forged. And the love story that develops between her characters will go down in time as classic historical romance.

Before we check out the excerpt, remember, Charlene is giving away a copy of Taming Jenna to one lucky commenter today. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you.

• • •

The Wrong Man

Deserted by her good-for-nothing father at the tender age of seven, Jenna Leigh-Whittington taught herself to ride, shoot, brawl...and steer clear of the opposite sex. But now, in a lonely Utah canyon, the Pinkerton agent has drawn her six-gun on a rugged stranger -- only to discover that, far from the dangerous outlaw she's been tracking, he is Branch McCauley, hired gun . . . and the most irresistible rascal ever to tempt and torment a woman.

The Right Woman

If there's one thing McCauley trusts less than a female, it's a female that packs a six-gun. Vowing to bring the sensuous hellcat to heel, McCauley has no inkling that their passionate battle of wills has just begun. Taming Jenna will be the most seductive -- and satisfying -- job he's ever taken on . . .

A man’s naked chest was one thing, Jenna Leigh-Whittington told herself as she crept through the brush. After all, this was 1879, not the dark ages, and she was no stranger to the sight of an unclothed male. Back home in Illinois, farmhands often went shirtless, toiling under a broiling sun.

Besides, Jenna had decided fifteen years ago at the ripe age of seven never to make the same mistake her mother had in giving her heart to a man. So a chest was all Jenna had expected to see of the masculine form.

Now she was fully grown and over a thousand miles from home, in Utah, dressed as a boy and doing a cold, dangerous job no one believed a woman could do. Scary, but worth it because it would insure her freedom. At the moment, rather than fearing for her life, she was fretting over the possibility of having to inspect a man’s bare bottom.

Jenna’s short Indian-style bow tangled in the bushes as she sneaked closer to the camp she’d discovered thanks to its telltale scent of coffee. She worked the bow free without a sound. The damp ground beneath her knees smelled of summer growth. She gave a mental grunt of disgust at the dirt and grass stains being ground into her coat and trousers. Hopefully, they would not be her only souvenirs from tonight’s adventure. She needed the reward money success promised.

Rewards didn’t truly matter, though. All in the line of duty. A man’ s duty. Which she was doing.

For days, Jenna and her sorrel, Gent, had tracked her quarry from Denver to Cheyenne and on west through every godless whistle-stop along the Union Pacific Railroad. So far he had escaped her without granting her a single peek at him. He knew good horseflesh, she had to give him that.

But now she had him—trapped in a dead-end draw west of Evanston, surrounded by aromatic sagebrush, sego lilies, jackrabbits, and the red crenelated sandstone cliffs called Echo Canyon.

To avoid detection, she had left the sorrel in the main canyon and threaded her way up the draw on foot. The branches thinned and she could see him now, leaning against a saddle on the ground and gnawing a stick of jerky. Beyond the campfire, a horse stomped and swished its tail. Jenna envied the horse that long tail. A whole hoard of mosquitoes were sucking on her hide. She didn’t dare slap at the pests. Too noisy.

Muscles of iron strained the seams of the man’s chambray shirt and tan denim trousers as he sat up to dig another strip of jerky out of his saddlebag. A black Stetson shadowed his eyes. The dim light from the fire made determining the color of his mustache and beard was difficult, but they looked dark. Dark enough for her to feel confident that he was indeed the man she sought.

Black Jack Mendoza, cardsharp, frequenter of saloons, consort of soiled doves, train robber, and murderer.

A desperate, dangerous man.

Jenna’s mouth went dry as gunpowder at the thought that she was about to face him alone. Too late to worry over that now. Swallowing convulsively, she drew her .44 calibre Starr army revolver and prepared to confront the man. She eared back the hammer with her thumb and the click shattered the still night like the roar of a cannon.

The man lunged to his feet, his gun drawn so fast she never saw his hand move.

• • •

Charlene began her writing life at an early age, often penning stories where she cast herself as the heroine. It was after college when she dug out her old college typewriter and started her first novel, which came from a spirited dream she'd had the previous night.

While that book never sold, her second novel did. Tender Touch became a Golden Heart finalist and earned her an agent who signed the book, and two others, in a three book contract with Kensington Publishing. Kensington went onto publish five of Charlene's western historical romances: Taming Jenna (1994); Tender Touch (1994 Golden Heart Finalist); Forever Mine (1996 Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer's Choice Award Nominee and Affaire de Coeur Reader/Writer Poll finalist); To Have and To Hold (1997 Affaire de Coeur Reader/Writer Poll finalist); and as Rachel Summers, The Scent of Roses (1999).

Charlene took a break from publishing, but not from writing. A Kiss and A Dare is Charlene's first paranormal romance.

Divine Gamble is Charlene's most recently completed work and earned her first place at the 2010 Romance Through The Ages contest in their western historical romance category. Currently, she's reworking that first book she wrote that resulted from a spirited dream.

When Charlene isn't writing, she loves to travel, research genealogy, create digital scrapbooks and dye eggs in the Ukrainian style. She also enjoys camping and fishing with her husband in the Utah wilderness.

Find Charlene online --

Monday, 11 November 2013

Margie Church: The Poet's Wife

Welcome, welcome, Margie Church! We're so glad to have you here today on Heart of Fiction.

Margie re-releases her book Nopeming Shores in its newly edited and newly covered, and newly titled, version -- The Poet's Wife.

First a little about Margie --

Margie is a native Minnesotan who has a degree in television news writing and editing. While currently working in a nuclear power plant (no, she's not a Homer Simpson relation) she's also a professional editor and novelist. Margie has a number of pasttimes, but says her guilty pleasures include reading, listening to music (loves Italian opera and Bob Seger), and food (particularly fresh lobster, honey bourbon, and real vanilla ice cream . . . though not all together, I'm sure). When not writing or researching, Margie can be found at the opera, working on her bucket list (Alaska and the Outback are there), and trying to figure out a way to get onto the Letterman Show!

As you might tell, Margie has a great sense of humor, but she's as serious as it gets when it comes to her books. She's a prolific erotica and romance writer who's just placed some of her work with Ellora's Cave, and comes to Tirgearr Publishing with one of her favorite books, Nopeming Shores, which, as above, has seen a big facelift in terms of fresh editing, a new cover, and a new title -- The Poet's Wife.

Lily Halloway lost her husband, Gabe, in Afghanistan, but she can't quite let go . He was the love of her life and doesn't know how to go on without him. When she finds a haiku, the words seem to jump out at her, but she takes it as a fluke. When other haiku's start showing up, she knows Gabe's spirit is reaching out to her. She desperately wants to keep Gabe close to her but knows this is an unhealthy way to live. Will she ever be able to let go? Is she ready to let another man into her life? Will she ever be?

The Poet's Wife is a heart-wrenching tale of love more so than a love story. It's a tale of loss, and one of healing. Margie tells the story which has undoubtedly plagued many war widows over the decades. She approached the topic sensitively, with forethought and understanding, and much compassion. The reader won't be able to help feel a tightened chest while reading nor stop the inevitable tear from cross the cheek. Tissues are highly recommended as one reads the story of one woman's experience in coming to terms with the greatest loss in her life. Readers will come away having used all of their emotions. This is one for the classics list! A must read.

This story could not have been written on its own. Margie enlists the poetic mastery of J. Andrew Lockhart who wrote the haiku in The Poet's Wife, and today we welcome both Margie and Andrew to Heart of Fiction.

It's no secret writers are incredibly busy people. When they have a spare few minutes, they find ways of filling them. I'm sure the same can be said for you, Margie. Tell us what your daily routine is like. Do plan your day or just wing it until everything is done at the end of the day?
The first order of business during the week is my job as a writer. I work in site communications for a nearby nuclear power generating plant. I'll give you a minute to shut your slack jaw. So, all day long I'm writing about nuclear chemistry, safety, federal regulations, and editing/producing video. I like this job, but damn if it doesn't cut into my fiction writing time. During the week day evenings right now, I mostly deal with administrative things since I have several books coming back on the market or coming out for the first time. The queries, synopsis writing, new blurbs, blogs, website, and author group work is time consuming. Friday evening through Sunday I spend on writing new material. I had a daily word goal of 1k. Before I went back to work full time, that was a walk in the park. Two of my characters have threatened to find a new author. It's a heck of a balancing act, especially since I still have one child at home and a husband who have the nerve to need my attention sometimes, too. LOL  Once I get these admin things under control, it's not unusual for me to write 4-5k in a weekend, and 1k in an evening.

Sounds like you definitely need a schedule. Your job at the nuclear plant must also be great fodder for research. Some stories there, I'm sure!

How do you write? Do you have a dedicated room in your house you've commandeered for your office, or do you move around with a laptop? Or haunt the local coffee shop? Please, describe your writing space.
It's utilitarian, since I am inspired simply by the keyboard and monitor...and messy. I have notes everywhere. Do NOT touch those notes – even if they have dust on them. LOL I have a number of notes my son and husband wrote to me tacked up. I have a small stack of poetry books given to me by my writing partner, K.B. Cutter, in a cubbie for times I need a breather. My tiara is perched nearby to wear on the days I do something spectacular. I have a number of favorite psalms and inspirational items to feed my spirit taped under the tiara's shelf. The very hunky, James Scott, smiles at me in an autographed 8"x10" taken of him at the Emmy Awards. (I met him. He's to die for.) Then, I have this crazy calendar hanging up about nuns and nunsense. My lunatic sister gives "the Churchlady" one every year for Christmas. I scribble my critical info on this thing. I also have a collection of rocks that my husband and sons have collected for me during their treks to Lake Superior. What is it about boys and rocks? I don't dare throw them out. I'm sure there's bad Karma for that one. Two full Rolodexes of my freaking passwords are always within reach. If my house ever burns down, I'm screwed. Photos of my family, friends, places I've been, poetry I've written, and sexy inspiration scroll on my screen constantly.
Sounds like a great writers cave! You'll have to tell us more about this tiara. I think I might want one!

So, what do you enjoy doing when you're not writing? We've learned a few things already. Tell us something we don't know.
During the snow-free months (LOL) I love flower gardening. I have three gardens, and watching them change as spring eventually becomes autumn gives me great pleasure. The weeding? Not so much. During the rest of the year, I like snowshoeing. I love walking at night all year long.  The sounds of crickets and cicadas in the warm months or the sight of falling snow and holiday lights are truly my favorite things. My youngest drags me out for bike rides and Boy Scout activities. My eldest plays snare drum in Minnesota Brass Drum and Bugle Corps so we enjoy going to those performances. I love concerts and go to the opera a few times a year. I also like contemporary artists – P!nk rocked St. Paul last winter.
Margie, you're definitely one active lady. It's no wonder you have such great stories to tell, and we thank you for sharing them with us in your stories. Thank you, too, for spending the day with us here at Heart of Fiction.

Hopefully we'll get to know Andrew a little better in the comments. Maybe he'll share some of his beautiful haiku with us during the day.

Before we check out the excerpt, remember, Margie is giving away a copy of The Poet's Wife to one lucky commenter today. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you.

• • •

Lily Holliway's life is shattered when her husband, Gabe, is killed in Afghanistan. A new job and dear friends aren't enough to ease her yearnings for the love she clings to.

Gabe feels her grief so strongly that his spirit cannot leave the confines of this world. He can't rest in peace until he's sure Lily is going to be okay. In desperation, he reaches out to her using his special gift.

Finding the mysterious haiku makes Lily question her grip on reality. When she sees Gabe face-to-face, can she believe her eyes?
Lily must trust the only man she's ever loved to help her begin again.

At home, Lily set her keys on the counter top. Frowning, she thought they made a very loud metallic scrape and clunk for such a small number of keys. The clock chimed the top of the hour and she glanced in the clock's direction. Lunchtime, more or less. She glared at her bag, kind of grateful she wouldn't be packing another one any time soon. But there was no sense letting the last go to waste.

She unrolled the sack, thinking what a loud crunch the paper made. My nerves really must be shot. She took out the half sandwich. Ham and Swiss on pumpernickel. No mustard, no mayo, just plain. Exactly the way she liked them.

Lily leaned against the door jamb and watched deep green leaves flutter in the gentle breeze. She took a bite of her sandwich and chewed. Emptying her brain of worries and drama, Lily inhaled summer's fresh scents. Her heart thumped, reminding her she was alive even if her soul didn't feel like it.

A gust came up. A snap made her turn around. A pen rolled across the living room floor, apparently blown off its perch on the end table. Lily took another bite of sandwich, set it on the counter, and then went to pick up the pen. Her soft-soled shoes made quiet thumps as she walked on the wooden floor. When she stooped to retrieve the dime-store pen, her ankles cracked.

A piece of paper, half-concealed under the couch, caught her eye. She scooped it up. The gray-lined paper had a ragged edge, as though torn hastily from a notebook. She wondered where the paper came from since there weren't any small notebooks lying around. Turning it over, she opened her her eyes wide in surprise. She'd recognize that chicken scratch anywhere. But how did a note in Gabe's handwriting get on my living room floor? Her vision blurred as she read.

new each day,
the river’s water-
second chance 

The unexpected connection to Gabe's thoughts and emotions threw her for a loop. She crumpled the paper and then pitched the scrap in the general direction of the wastebasket under her writing desk. The paper ball bounced off the small trashcan and skittered across the floor, out of sight.

Dazed, she sagged into the corner of the couch. She rested her forehead on her arm. "What second chance? You're dead."

• • •

Margie Church writes erotic romance novels with a strong suspense element, in keeping with her moniker: Romance with SASS (Suspense Angst Seductive Sizzle). Never expect the same thing twice in one of her books. She tackles subjects and conflicts that aren't typical in romances. Life is complicated. People are, too. Marrying those concepts makes her work fascinating to read. Margie was 2011 GLBT Author of the Year, and her book, Hard as Teak, was named 2011 GLBT Book of the Year at Loves Romances Café. She is well-known for her BDSM erotic romances as well.

Margie lives in Minnesota, is married, and has two children. Some of her passions are music, biking, walking on moonlit nights, fishing, and making people laugh.

Find Margie online --

Tirgearr Publishing

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Kristi Ahlers: Her Highland Rogue

Welcome back, Kristi Ahlers!

It may seem like Kristi has taken up residency from last week, but we have her back this week for a very good reason. Today she sees the release of her book, Her Highland Rogue, the second book in the Clan Ross Series.

You may remember His Heart's Desire last year, book one, in which Catrìona MacDougall dreamed of a Highland warrior for many years, and actually fell in love with her dream lover.

Laird Braden Ross was to marry Catrìona MacDougall back in his own time, and when they were leaving MacDougall lands, they were ambushed under orders from evil priestess, Morgana, who wants Bradan for her own. Angered that Bradon won't return her feelings, Morgana leaves him with a dying Catrìona in his arms.

Bradan loved Catrìona and can't believe she's dead. His soul reaches out to her in her dreams, but she's trying to find a way to banish him so she can get on with her life.

Very exciting stuff, indeed.

Today's release is with another Ross brother, Alec. He's been to the future with Braden, and he's watched as they fell in love. He envies his brother's good fortune and wants love for himself.

Meagan Wentworth is Catrìona MacDougall's beft friend. When Alec meets her, he thinks he could love her. But when he's whisked back to 13th century Scotland, Meagan must find a way to get to him. When she does, he doesn't remember her. What if he never does? If he doesn't, can she find a way for him to fall in love with her again? And if he doesn't, will she be stuck in the 13th century forever, a place where she knows no one, and in a time where talk of the future could get her tried as a witch!

Wow. This series keeps getting better.

Before we check out the excerpt, remember, Kristi is giving away a copy of Her Highland Rogue to one lucky commenter today. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you.

• • •

Kady, Muse Extraordinaire has ticked off Cupid and in order to get back into the good graces of her friend and the rest of the Gods, she has to do the seemingly impossible. She has to match her favorite lady human, Meagan Wentworth with her one true love. Kady thinks she’s struck the mother lode of luck when Meagan falls for Alec Ross but there is just one tiny little problem with the hearts and flower ending she envisions. Alec is from the past, Scotland, in the year 1295 to be exact and his little sojourn in the future is about to come to an end thanks to the selfish and evil priestess, Morgana. But everything goes wrong when Alec and Meagan get caught up in the a spell Morgana has cast and sends them back in time. Kady doesn’t have enough power to send them back to the twenty-first century so she hopes they can make things work until she can figure a way to get Meagan home where she belongs.

Meagan can’t believe she’s back in time, with no plumbing, no electricity and the hottie she’d been falling for, doesn’t remember her. Meagan is going to do what she can to get back to her time period, she doesn’t need this…and yet, she has never backed down from a challenge. She’s going to remind Alec who she is and what they had together in the future. Hopefully, she’ll be able to survive the late 1200’s and not be accused of witchcraft or die. And of course get the guy and write there happy ending.

Kady, Muse Extraordinaire was without a doubt, a success at what she did if she did say so herself. That wasn’t bragging, it was a simple fact.

The New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists were peppered with her accomplishments. There were Golden Globes, a few Oscars sitting on shelves and to her disgust, one in a closet, attesting she had it going on. However, the Oscar in the closet was not her problem. No. This distinction belonged to her favorite lady human, Meagan Wentworth. 

In addition to owning a haunted tour in New Orleans, Meagan happened to be a huge success in the romance writing industry. What Meagan didn’t have was her happy ending. Enter Kady’s new and temporary occupation as matchmaker thanks to her own stupidity. Mental note, never taunt Cupid. And never do it while he’s hosting the annual Valentine’s Day Ball. That was like cutting the cotton ball tail off the Easter Bunny, or telling Santa the elves were more popular than he was.

Yeah, lesson learned there.

Kady hated to fail and if she didn’t find Meagan true love within six weeks she was looking at the big F straight in the eye. What did she know of matchmaking? She inspired people and sat back and accepted the kudos. Okay, so she didn’t do the hard work, like sketching the dress design, or writing the book or screenplay. Still, it wasn’t easy helping the uninspired find inspiration and she was dumbfounded as to how to help Meagan find true love. She knew bupkis about matters of the heart.

Thankfully, Meagan had already found a Scottish hottie named Alec Ross and they seemed to get along just fine thank you very much. All Kady had to do is make sure nothing or rather no one parted the two lovers.

“So, whatcha gonna do now?” Tiffany said with a snide laugh.

Kady narrowed her eyes. Tiffany, an obnoxious muse, perched beside Kady on the magnolia tree. She really wasn’t in the mood for Tiffany’s snipping. Kady had things to do…and trading barbs with Tiffany was not on the list.

“Well, since she’s already found Alec I’m going to make sure this ends happily,” Kady announced as she watched Meagan and Alec whispering between each other.


Kady turned to face her nemesis head on. “What pray tell is ‘hmmm’ supposed to mean?”


“Don’t you, nothing, me, Tiffany. What’s your point?” Kady said.

Tiffany fussed with her skirt before she said, “Has it escaped your notice that Alec is from the thirteenth century and Morgana is getting ready to send him back to where he came from?”

“Don’t you have an artist to torment? Maybe today you can find another one willing to part with his ear again. And in answer to your question, the answer is no. I’m very aware of what Morgana is up to.”

“For the last time, Picasso had his own issues. That had nothing to do with me.” Tiffany frowned.

Kady smiled. “Hmm.” she mocked pleased she’d managed to fluster Tiffany. She hated to be reminded of Picasso’s strange behavior.

“Am I too late?” A new voice asked.

• • •

Kristi Ahlers is a California girl! She grew up in Northern California in a small city called Yuba City. Since then she's lived in Brussels, Belgium, and England along with a myriad of other locations. A former flight attendant, she was able to continue to feed her love of travel. This has greatly influenced her writing, allowing her to pen stories about places she's managed to visit and things she's experienced.

Kristi loves to hear from her readers.

Find Kristi online --

Kristi Ahlers
Kristi's Blog
Tirgearr Publishing 

For more information on His Heart's Desire, log in here --