Thursday, 25 April 2013

Elizabeth Delisi: The Midnight Zone

Elizabeth Delisi releases her newest book today, The Midnight Zone. This is a speculative collection of psychological thrillers, suspense stories, and tales of curiosity. On a similar theme to the old Twilight Zone series, The Midnight Zone is sure to make you sit up in your chair.

This collection includes fourteen stories -- The Doctor’s Story, Time Is Up, The Handbook, The Judgment Stone, Pen Pals, The Perfect Housewife, Star Light, Star Bright, The Gathering, Mirror, Mirror, Snow Spirits, Music Man, Curiosity Killed the FPS Man, Jury of One, and The Last Married Couple.

Here's the excerpt from Mirror, Mirror

Cassie opened her compact and peered into the round mirror. Her nose looked a little shiny. As she reached for the powder puff, a movement in the mirror caught her eye. She saw the waiter bringing a drink to the woman at the table in back of her. Served in a pineapple, it had two gaudy red paper parasols and a large pink straw sticking out of the top. Cassie watched, amused, the puff arrested in its journey to her nose.

Suddenly, the waiter tripped. The pineapple slid down the length of the steeply-tilting tray to land, upside-down, in the woman’s lap.

“Oh!” Cassie gasped.

“What?” Laura asked.

“Did you see the waiter spill a drink all over that poor woman?”

Laura twisted in her chair. “No. Where?”

“Right behind me.” Cassie turned around. The table was empty. “I guess she already left. Maybe she went to the ladies’ room to clean up.”

“I didn’t see any woman at that table,” Laura said. “Are you sure?”

“I saw it in my mirror.” Cassie held up her compact.

“Ooh, let me see!” Laura reached for it. “This is lovely! Where did you get it?”

“I found it last week in an antique store on the Cape,” Cassie said. “It was a funny little shop, full of all sorts of peculiar things. I liked the compact so much that I went back the next day to look for another one; but I couldn’t find the place again.” She shrugged.

Laura rubbed her fingers over the engraved gold case, then opened it. “Here’s your problem. This old mirror is so cloudy, it’s no wonder you’re seeing things.” She snapped it shut and handed it back.

“Here comes our lunch.” Laura pointed to a waiter carrying a full tray. Diverted, Cassie forgot all about what she’d seen in the mirror.

An hour later, the two friends finished their meal. On her way out, absorbed in paying the check, Cassie didn’t notice a waiter spilling an entire pineapple full of liquor on a woman who had just been seated.

• • •

Elizabeth Delisi wanted to be a writer since she was in first grade, and probably would have written in the womb if she could have convinced her mother to swallow a pencil. But life hasn't always gone the way she planned, and on her road to publication she worked as a motel maid, waitress, secretary, administrative aide, substitute teacher, and newspaper reporter.

Elizabeth is a multi-published, award-winning author of romance, mystery and suspense. Her time-travel romance set in ancient Egypt, Lady of the Two Lands, won a Bloody Dagger Award and was a Golden Rose Award nominee. Her romantic suspense novel, Since All is Passing was an EPPIE Award finalist and Bloody Dagger Award finalist. Fatal Fortune was a Word Museum Reviewer’s Choice Masterpiece. Elizabeth's contemporary romance novella The Heart of the Matter is featured in the Valentine's Day-themed anthology Cupid's Capers and was an EPPIE Award finalist. A Carol of Love is part of Holiday Hearts anthology and an EPPIE Award finalist. A Cup of Christmas Charm is part of Holiday Hearts 2 anthology and was also an EPPIE Award finalist.

Elizabeth is an instructor for Writer’s Digest University. She has taught Creative Writing at the community college level, has worked as a copyeditor for several small publishers, and edits for individuals. She holds a B.A. in English with a Creative Writing major from St. Leo University.

Elizabeth is currently at work on Deadly Destiny and Perilous Prediction, the sequels to Fatal Fortune, and Knit A Spell, a paranormal romance.

Elizabeth lives in New Hampshire with her husband and feisty parakeet. She enjoys hearing from her readers.

Find Elizabeth online at --

Elizabeth Delisi
The World According to Liz
Tirgearr Publishing

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  1. I am interested in The Midnight Zone since it is compelling and wonderful. The excerpt was fascinating and definitely unforgettable. I watched the Twilight Zone which was a brilliant series as is this new release of yours. best wishes and much continued success. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Thanks,saubleb. I hope you read and enjoy it!

  3. Thanks for this extraordinary introduction to The Midnight Zone. Mirror Mirror is unique and special and your book interests me greatly. Your creativity is admirable. Learning about your writing was lovely and who doesn't remember The Twilight Zone. Thanks for this chance. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  4. Thanks for your kind words, elliotbencan. The Twilight Zone was a big part of my childhood!

  5. I loved the Twilight Zone--especially the male lead. I had a crush on him for like forever.

  6. Chris, are you talking about Rod Serling? He introduced each episode, and wrote some of them. He was a rare talent.

    1. That's the guy. I should have said "host". I especially loved his voice. And you're right, that man was indeed a rare talent.

  7. Oh, sounds like a real page turner. The Twilight Zone was and really is my all time favorite show! Thanks for the chance!!

  8. My pleasure, catslady. Hope you enjoy it!

  9. I would love to read your book so that I could report about it at my Mystery Book Club I attend weekly. We are always looking for new authors or ones we've not yet read. thanks for the info.

  10. Thanks for posting, Jackie. Hope you will get to read it and if you like it, I'd love for you to share!

  11. Congratulations to JackieW for winning Elizabeht's book, The Midnight Zone. Watch your email, Jackie!

  12. Congratulations, Jackie! I hope you enjoy it. :-)

  13. Wow, Liz, hadn't heard about this book. Love the cover. I only ran onto this blog by accident through Bloglovin. Glad I noticed it. Good luck.

  14. The book sound very interesting and L loved the excerpt. I'm sure you have another winner. I love all of your books and can hardly wait to read this one.

  15. Charlene, thanks. I'm glad you ran across it! The cover is great, isn't it?

    Kim, thanks so much. I'm happy you enjoyed the excerpt. Hope you enjoy the rest!