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Lucy Felthouse: One Night in Paris

Please, help me welcome back the lovely Lucy Felthouse.

Lucy visited with us last September with the re-releases of two of her popular erotica stories, A Bit of Rough, and A Menu with a Difference. Today, she comes to us with something completely new, One Night in Paris, part of the City Nights series from Tirgearr Publishing.

So, who is Lucy Felthouse? Firstly, she's an author of more than 100 erotica and romance stories. Yeah, you read that right -- one HUNDRED. An impressive backlist, to say the least. And there seems to be no let up in Lucy's creativity. On top of this, she's also had her hands in dozens of other books, working as an editor.

How did she get started down the erotic romance path? After writing her first erotica in university, a dare she found well-received by her peers, Lucy took up writing as an outlet from the doldrums of school. It wasn't long though before her stories were selling. And selling well! Today, she has a stellar career as one of the industry's most prolific and most beloved erotic romance writers. And she's loving every minute of it.

Not only does Lucy write incredibly sexy stories, she's also a prolific blogger, a successful marketing expert, and in her spare time she enjoys reviewing books . . . and not just erotic. Lucy is one busy lady, and is one of the lucky few actually making a good living from her work.

Let's talk about the City Nights series from Tirgearr Publishing --

City Nights takes on the best of all worlds where erotica and romance come together. Taking place over a 24 hour time period, in a city somewhere in the world, protagonists come together in some great and sexy ways. Established couples, one night stands, friends with benefits, gay, straight, menage, and everything in between...each story is an equal blend of sexy encounters and great romance. These stories aren't just straight to the sex. There are wonderful stories here with deep emotions and a play on all the senses. And One Night in Paris scores high on the board.

Jacob has 24 hours to see Paris on a layover between jobs. Annabelle is taking well-earned time off from chef school to finally see her adopted city. When they meet on a tour bus, the attraction is instant, but he can't just come out and tell this sexy blond he wants to take her to bed. Annabelle is a straightforward kind of woman though. She fancies Jacob, but they just met. Maybe they can be friends, or at the very least, touring companions for a few hours? Over lunch, things kick up a notch. And soon they can't get enough of each other.

Hot, hot! How else can you say it? This is a fun romp around the city of love--Paris! Jacob and Annabelle take us to some of the city's hottest attraction, and only make them hotter by their sexy escapades. You'll never see Paris the same way once you read this story. Jacob and Annabelle are fun characters. Nothing too serious for them. They just want to relax and enjoy the day, the city, and each other's company. This is a fabulous story that will leave readers with a big grin as they turn the last page. And maybe give them some thoughts about how to spice up their own lives!

Before we get to the blurb and excerpt, remember that we're giving away a copy of this book to one lucky commenter. Be sure to leave your email address for contact.

• • •

Jacob is nearly forty, and has recently come to the sudden realisation that he’s not doing much with his life. Sure, he’s got his own successful business, but what’s the point in earning lots of money and not doing anything or going anywhere to spend it?

He’s in serious danger of being all work and no play, so he starts to rectify this by organising a twenty four hour layover in Paris en route to a meeting in Dubai. Whilst there, he goes on a bus tour of the city, and there meets Annabelle, a fellow Brit who’s studying in Paris. There’s clearly an attraction between the two of them, so when the gorgeous Annabelle makes an indecent proposal to help Jacob fill his time in Paris, who is he to refuse?

She giggled. “Hey, tourist,” she said, jerking her thumb over her shoulder, “the Eiffel Tower’s that way.”

“Oh,” he replied, feeling heat rush to his cheeks. Clearing his throat, he continued, “Well, uh, lead on then. I obviously have no idea where I’m going.”

“Obviously.” She squeezed his hand and they turned and headed in the other direction. Before long, Annabelle was proven absolutely right when he saw the structure revealed between some buildings.

“What are we going to do if the queue is massive?” he asked.

“Huh, I never thought of that. It probably will be. It is the most famous landmark in the city, after all.” Pausing for a moment, she then said, “We could always skip to number two on the list, then number three and so on, leaving the tower until much later. I’m not sure what time it’s open until, but surely the tourists will clear out at some point. The other tourists, I mean.” She tipped him a wink.

“Ignoring your last comment, that sounds good to me. I’d rather get other stuff done than stand in a queue for hours on end. Stupid, really. I booked a bus tour beforehand, but not an entry ticket to the Eiffel Tower.”

“I’m glad you did,” she said, bumping him lightly with her hip.

“Why’s that?”

“Because if you hadn’t been on that particular bus at that particular time, we wouldn’t have met. And if you’d booked a ticket for the tower, you’d have been rushing off now, instead of spending time with me.”

“That’s true.” He grinned widely. “In that case, it was an incredibly intelligent move. Practically genius.”

“Wow, I’m snogging a genius. Who would have thought it? Little old me!”

“But you’re not actually snogging—” Jacob’s words were cut off as Annabelle moved right in front of him, stretched up on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his. In spite of the wine, he froze for several seconds as his brain tried to catch up with what his body was telling him.

• • •

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over seventy publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include Best Bondage Erotica 2012, 2013 and 2014 and Best Women's Erotica 2013. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies. She owns Erotica For All, and is book editor for Cliterati.

Find Lucy Online --

Tirgearr Publishing

-- > Lucy is giving away a copy of One Night in Paris to one lucky commenter. Leave her a question or comment here with your email address to be automatically in the draw.

Or you can grab a copy of this book now for just $2.99 through Tirgearr Publishing.

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  1. I'll read *anything* Lucy writes!

    1. You're so kind, CM. I feel the same, though you're so prolific, I can't keep up with you! :)

  2. Welcome back to Heart of Fiction, Lucy, and congrats on publishing another fabulous story -- One Night in Paris. Hot, hot, hot! And loads of fun.

    For such a prolific writer, how do you manage to keep your stories fresh?

    1. Thanks so much for having me here.

      In terms of keeping my stories fresh, I guess it's easy because each character, each setting and each situation is different. Once I've got those and I let the story flow naturally, I have a unique tale which still sounds like me :)

    2. You must be doing something right with over a hundred titles to your name :-)

      Can you share something about your current WIP?

  3. sounds like a great laugh - even for someone who doesn't normally read erotica!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, David. It is pretty funny in places, though I don't do it on purpose. Maybe I'm naturally funny, who knows? :)