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Lucy Felthouse: A Bit of Rough and A Menu with a Difference

Please help me welcome the incomparable Lucy Felthouse to Heart of Fiction, author of more than 100 erotica stories. Yeah, you read that right -- one HUNDRED. An impressive backlist, to say the least. And there seems to be no let up in Lucy's creativity.

After writing her first erotica in university, a dare she fond well-received by her peers, Lucy took up writing as an outlet from the doldrums of school. It wasn't long though before her stories were selling. And selling well! Today, she has a stellar career as one of the industry's most prolific and most beloved erotica writers. And she's loving every minute of it.

Not only does Lucy write incredibly sexy stories, she's also a prolific blogger, a successful marketing expert, and in her spare time she enjoys reviewing books . . . and not just erotic. Lucy is one busy lady, and is one of the lucky few actually making a good living from her work.

Today, Tirgearr Publishing has republished two of Lucy's favorite erotica tales, A Bit of Rough and A Menu with a Difference.

A Bit of Rough is Allison's story. When she meets Andrew, she thinks he's a jerk, wanting nothing to do with him. He's a braggart and talks of almost nothing but the women he's slept with in the past. But he's sexy as hell and something about him pulls her in

A Menu with a Difference is Annette's story. She's a woman with a lingering fantasy and never thought her boyfriend, Jed, would ever be interested in experimenting a little . . . to keep things spicy. While away on a romantic weekend, Annette sees her opportunity to fulfill her fantasy. To her delighted surprise, Jed isn't saying 'no.'

This is a pair of sexy little stories. The reader will easily slip into Allison's and Annette's shoes as they fulfill their fantasies. Perhaps in the end, the reader will have a new fantasy or two of their own worth investigating!

Check out the extracts from A Bit of Rough and A Menu with a Difference and introduce yourself to the erotic writings of Lucy Felthouse --

• • •


When Alison meets Andrew ("call me Drew"), she instantly pegs him as a moron. He's a total bad boy and does nothing but chain smoke and brag about his stream of past conquests. Yet, much to her confusion, Alison still finds herself attracted to him. She's not had sex in a while, so Alison figures there's no harm in going home with him to get herself a bit of rough.

When I met Andrew ("call me Drew"), I instantly pegged him as a bit of a moron. He had a captive audience of people laughing at the many mishaps in his love life. Despite the fact he was mocking himself, it sounded like he was desperate for people to know just how many women had been in his life, for however brief an interlude. He was one of those guys you love to hate. And yet, I still fancied him rotten. It was totally bizarre. He was not my type at all.

He was just a little taller than me, slim and had several tattoos on his arms. His facial hair was somewhere between stubble and a beard, his hair had no discernible style, and he smoked. I like my men tall, muscular and clean shaven. And I hate smoking. Therefore, it took me a while to put my fingers on the reason or reasons for my odd attraction to the guy. When I finally worked it out, it was like a light bulb had clicked on in my head.

He was, or at least he thought he was, a bad boy. What many would call a bit of rough. He was the guy you never introduced to your friends, and certainly not your parents. You kept him completely under wraps, preferably between the sheets, and enjoyed.

I got the vibe from his oozing self-confidence that he was probably good in bed. At that moment, I resolved to find out. I didn't need to make a move; his arrogance assured him he was irresistible to all women and he came on to me, knowing I wouldn't refuse. I almost did, just to take him down a peg or two. But he was hot and I was horny, so I didn't mind him picking me up. After all, I had no intention of becoming one of his amusing anecdotes. I wasn't going to stick around long enough for that. I was simply in it for my ‘bit of rough,' then I was a goner.

• • •


When Jed and Annette spend a weekend in a luxury hotel, they're planning to take full advantage of the hot tub and large bed - preferably with a third party. Annette's never been with another woman before, but she's eager to experience some Sapphic delight. When the couple meets waitress Tamara at the restaurant they're lunching at, they agree she's perfect in many ways; but is she on the menu?

I kicked Jed discreetly under the table, warning him to cool it. He was flirting madly with the waitress who’d come to take our lunch order. Glancing up to see how she was handling it, I realized the young woman didn’t seem to mind at all. Of course, she could just be extremely friendly, but I doubted it. Jed was hardly being subtle. And he was a gorgeous looking guy, too. Women rarely failed to notice him, and he knew it.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that I was pissed off with Jed for flirting; far from it. We’ve got an arrangement which means we can hook up with other people with no repercussions, as long as we’re honest about it. In fact, divulging our dirty deeds to one another after the event usually ends up in totally hot sex. The lifestyle’s not for everyone – but it suits us just fine.

However, this time was different. Jed wasn’t just trying to get himself laid. He was trying to get this girl into bed with both of us. Despite the fact we’re an incredibly open minded and adventurous couple; I’d never actually been with a woman and figured this was a great way to experiment. Jed and I had had a whispered discussion as soon as we saw her and decided that if, when it came down to it, I wasn’t into the girl on girl thing, then the two of us could just pleasure Jed. He certainly had no objections. What guy would?

I was taking a back seat during Jed’s “seduction” because we had no idea of the girl’s sexuality and for that reason it made sense to assume she was straight. The plan was to see how she responded to Jed’s flirting first of all, then have me join in. If the girl freaked out; well, we’d have our nice lunch and then we’d go back to the hotel and fuck. If not, then we’d go back to the hotel and fuck, but with a guest.

The way things were going, it looked as though it was about time for me to step in.

 • • •

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over seventy publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include Best Bondage Erotica 2012, 2013 and 2014 and Best Women's Erotica 2013. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies. She owns Erotica For All, and is book editor for Cliterati.

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Or you can grab a copy of A Bit of Rough and A Menu with a Difference now for just $1.99 through Tirgearr Publishing.


  1. Welcome to Heart of Fiction, Lucy, and congrats on republishing A Bit of Rough and A Menu with a Difference!

    I'm impressed with your backlist. How do you keep it (your stories) fresh?

    1. Thanks Kemberlee - I'm delighted to get these stories back out there!

      In terms of keeping it fresh, I really have no idea. I guess the fact that I write lots of different things within erotica and erotic romance means no two stories are the same. I'm also lucky to have author friends co-author with me, which changes the dynamic completely. It's so much fun!

    2. There is absolutely nothing like a great support system. Every writer needs one.

      It's so amazing to me that with those seven basic plotlines that there are SO many stories out there. Most of them very unique. I don't think I've read two of your stories that sound vaguely alike. That's saying something.

      What can you tell us about what you're working on at the moment?

    3. At the moment, I'm working on a couple of short stories, and three co-author novel projects with other writers. I'm also in the research stages of my next solo novel. So, lots going on as always! :)

    4. Sounds like you're enjoying the writer's life :-)

      Novel, eh? Would you share a bit of the plot with us?

  2. So glad to see these stories return!