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Toni Lynn Cloutier: The Patriot Girl

Today, Heart of Fiction welcomes, Toni Lynn Cloutier, author of The Patriot Girl, book one of the No Bulls Series by The Wild Rose Press.

Toni is a native Rhode Islander who's a stay at home mom whose hobbies includes, as she says, rearranging the furniture and cleaning house. She's mother to a teenage son and wife of a very tolerant husband who has accepted Toni's love of moving things around when he's not home. Don't let this fool you into thinking Toni is eccentric. She also enjoys counted cross-stitch, reading, home decoration, playing with the family cat, listening to country music, and of course, her passion is writing.

Welcome, Toni!

Toni's debut book is called The Patriot Girl. Don't let the title mislead you. This isn't a war story or a story based around the military. MaKayla Adams earns the nickname from the hero's sister.

MaKayla's husband has died in a car crash and now she's left putting her life back together. As the days and weeks pass, she realizes that while she loved her husband--there's no disputing that--she just wants . . . more.

Something plagues No Bulls nightclub owner, Dustin James. He'd been in an accident which put him in a coma. Three years later he still doesn't remember the accident or much of what happened before it. What he does know is that he was given a second chance at life and has pushed everything aside to focus on his young daughter and creating the best life he can for her.

Part of creating that life includes hiring MaKayla Adams as the club's public relations consultant. He can't provide for his daughter with a failing business. It's not long though before Dustin's attraction to MaKayla becomes apparent and he kisses her and their relationship rockets into a fiery affair.

There's something connecting MaKayla and Dustin. Something that could either tear them apart or bring them closer together.

The Patriot Girl is an emotional read which touches on the hearts of many who have experienced loss of a loved one. This is a gripping read which will keep you in your seat until the last page. Toni creates a believable story line and characters you will consider friends by the end. It's an emotional read, so get your hanky ready.

--> Toni loves chatting with her readers, AND she's giving away a free digital copy of The Patriot Girl to one lucky winner today. Just leave her a comment or question with your contact email address for your entry to be put in the hat.

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• • •

MaKayla Adams has always been curious about the wild side of life. Making love with her late husband wasn’t exciting, and she never could understand the big deal…until hunky nightclub owner Dustin James hires her as a public relations consultant. His touch arouses feelings she’s never known, and his kiss tempts her to cross the line between business and pleasure.

Dustin doesn’t remember the car accident that put him in a coma three years ago, but since his recovery, he’s pushed his own needs aside to be a single father to his young daughter. When MaKayla offers to help publicize his country nightclub, however, she ignites deeper feelings he can’t ignore.

But there is more than mutual attraction between MaKayla and Dustin—there is a shared past connected to her husband’s death. Will the truth bring them together or tear them apart?

She tilted her head toward his touch. “We do have an unusual chemistry, but anything more between us would complicate things.”

“In what ways?”

“Alex wouldn’t understand. Not to mention Paul’s parents.”

“What about what MaKayla wants?”

A loaded question she didn’t know how to answer. She wanted what she couldn’t have—not to be alone, the noises in her backyard to go away, a husband to spoil, and another child to mother.

“It doesn’t matter what I want. What matters is doing the right thing.”

“For who?”

“For everyone.”

“Even if it means being unhappy? When was the last time you did something for MaKayla without worrying about consequences?” He rolled his tongue and smiled.

“There was liquor involved. Otherwise, I never would have growled at you.”

“Why not?”

She shrugged. “Because it’s inappropriate.”

“A tease?”


He cupped her cheeks between his palms. “I find you sexy as hell and I’m going to kiss you. The time to stop me would be right now.”

• • •

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  1. Welcome to Heart of Fiction, Toni, and congratulations on your debut novel, The Patriot Girl. This story certainly has an intriguing plot. Where did you get the idea to write this story?

    1. Good morning, Kemberlee...First, thank you SO much for squeezing me in at the last minute and hosting me. It is an honor to be here with all of you.

      As for the plot, it came to me while cleaning my desk. Hmm...What if a woman fell in love with the man she blamed for killing her husband?... I couldn't get to the keyboard fast enough. At the time I had no idea how to write a novel. The story came to me in chapters consisting of 10 sentences each. Yes, I was clueless. However, over the years I've met some wonderful people who have held my hand along the way and guided me through writing a synopsis and learning POV, I've entered contests for feed back, I've bought tons of writings book, and taught myself by writing and reading. It is true that the more you write, the more you learn. I've written 7 books since TPG (not published) but each one has been a learning experience.

    2. I'm trying to find the link between cleaning your desk and falling in love with a man who might have killed someone. But you know, as an author myself, I totally get where ideas come out of the blue.

      That's actually a great way to plot your stories . . . a few lines per chapter, then flesh them out. Good tip there. Thanks!

      Yes, it's true. The more you write, the more you learn. The more you read, the more you learn. And, write what you know or write the story you'd want to read but haven't found it on the shelves.

      7 books? Let's hope we see more of them in the future.

      What book is next for you?

  2. Welcome, Toni. Interesting sounding novel. Also, moving the furniture around? My wife would do that to me if she was home more. I would see bruised toes in my future, or perhaps turning the light on more when getting up for a glass of water. :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Troy. LOL.. Yes, it took awhile for my husband to get used to having things moved around. After 23 years, I'm sure he's used to the changes now. Have you ever rearranged furniture? It brings new life to your belongings and does wonders for the energy in a room. I've been doing this since I was about 9. I shared a room with my sister who thankfully understood my need to change things up. Have a great day!

  3. idea how they connect either, Kemberlee, but I'm glad they did.

    I currently have another contemporary with my editor called Sexy Singles which was a fun story to write. I am working on book 2 of The Patriot Girl called Count Down To Love. It's Jesse's story. And I am also revising an inspirational story called Lassoing Love, which was actually the second book I wrote.

    1. Good luck with Count Down to Love. The No Bulls series should be a big hit.

  4. Thanks sp much for having me , Kemberlee. I will contact Troy for his free ecopy of TPG.

    1. Thanks for visiting and best of luck with The Patriot Girl and the No Bulls Series.