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C. Margery Kempe: One Night in Rome

Joining us again today at Heart of Fiction is none other than the mysterious, jet-setting author, C. Margery Kempe.

I say jet-setting because she divides her year between the US East Coast, and northeast Scotland. And I say mysterious because . . . well, a woman has to have her secrets!

C. Margery has long been touted as the Queen of Erotic Fairy Tales who puts her own spin on the old classics . . . Spinning Gold, The Swan Prince, and Love Me Like a Reptile. Her Man City series (Shai, Lizzy, and Martin) has also been a great hit, especially for Man City United fans, and fans of soccer and the World Cup, with characters enjoying juicy three-ways.

C. Margery is a very prolific author with many other stories. But fans will also know her as Kit Marlowe (author of the Constance and Collier Series) for historical romance, and as K.A. Laity (author of the Chastity Flame Series) for whatever else suits her fancy. If that weren't enough, she also dabbles in crime noir as Graham Wynd!

Today, C. Margery is visiting to tell us about her latest venture, One Night in Rome.

This story is part of the City Nights Series by Tirgearr Publishing. We've already visited with Troy Lambert who talked about his One Night in Boise, and Lucy Felthouse about her One Night in Paris. One Night in Rome is book three in this series. Stay tuned at the end for more information about what's coming next for the series.

One Night in Rome is Celia's story. What started out the romance of a lifetime suddenly made a wrong turn and she found herself alone in Rome while her ex was probably back home with the woman he'd been seeing while all along telling Celia she was 'the one.' She had decided to see Rome without him. On her own, she wouldn't be encumbered by the whims of travel companions. She could come and go as she liked, saw what she liked, and sample as much of the Eternal City as she could in her short time here. Then she meets Lorenzo at the Galleria Borghese. He's handsome, gregarious, knowledgeable about the paintings, and sexy as hell. He's agreed to be her tour guide for the day, but will she accept the single day he's offering?

One Night in Rome scores high on many levels. In classic Kempe style, C. Margery pulls the reader in from page one with a scene which sets the stage for the remainder of the story. We meet Celia right away and quickly become endeared to her character. Once in Rome, the city comes alive through Celia's eyes, and we can't help but fall for Lorenzo right along with Celia. One Night in Rome is not just another fabulous Kempe erotic romance, it's also another wonderful addition to the City Night Series from Tirgearr Publishing.

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• • •

After a lifetime of wishing, at last Celia's in Rome! But exploring the timeless art and ancient monuments on her own wasn't part of the plan. Will the magic of the Eternal City provide some romance before her holiday ends?

"Take off your dress."

Celia murmured about the need to close the curtains. The hotel room overlooked the glorious eternal city. Sure, they were up high enough no one would be looking directly in but the bright morning light made her feel too exposed, too naked already.

"Off, now." Hugh swept that long delicious lock of hair from his eyes and stared up at her with mischievous lights dancing in his warm brown eyes. He already lay on the bed, his pale skin looking surprisingly golden against the crisp white linen of the sheets.

Celia faced him and slowly began to unbutton her dress. She had chosen this one deliberately for that effect. Not that she was calculating or anything. Maybe she'd seen too many films—okay, maybe she'd seen waaaay too many films and it suited the cinematic view of her dreams to finally finally FINALLY be in Rome and everything had to be exactly perfect—

Just like she'd always dreamed.

"Turn around," Hugh urged her, his voice lower than usual in that way it always got when he wanted to make a meal of her.

"But someone might see me," Celia said. Her protest was little more than half-hearted and she had already begun to turn back when he spoke again.

"What do you care? You don't know anyone here. And why shouldn't they see you? You're perfect."

Celia smiled to herself as she finished unbuttoning the blue shirt dress and dropped it to the floor. She had on her best matching brassiere and panty set, the ones she and Helen had shopped for at that ungodly expensive boutique in Soho. She ran her hands over the silky red cups of the bra and squeezed her breasts with delight.

"Oh, yeah," Hugh hissed from the bed. "Squeeze them tight, honey. I love to see you touch yourself."

Celia looked over her shoulder at him and grinned broadly. She stuck out her tongue at him, but then slipped her hand under the waistband of her knickers until her fingers touched wetness. She sighed and closed her eyes.

"Come over here." Hugh's voice betrayed his hunger. So did the erection he was stroking ever so slowly as he lay on the sheets.

Celia turned and gave him her best sexy look. "Should I take off my shoes?"

"You know you can leave them on for me, but I bet you'd be more comfortable without them," Hugh said with surprising thoughtfulness.

Celia kicked them off and got onto the bed beside him. "Do you like my new lingerie?" She mushed her breasts together even more than the push-up cups did, the lace tickling her tender skin.

Hugh's only response was to bury his face in her cleavage then assault her with his hot lips and tongue while she sank back into the soft pillows.

• • •

C. Margery Kempe is a writer of erotic romance distinguished by its humour, intelligence, and fearless sensual pleasures. Her stories range from contemporary thrillers to medieval era fairy tales.

An English professor by day, she also writes on medieval literature, film, creative writing and New Media, as well as humor, drama, mainstream and genre fiction under her real name and non-explicit romance as Kit Marlowe.

She's a weekly blogger at Nights of Passion on Sundays.

Find C. Margery online at --

C.M.Kempe - http://www.cmkempe.com
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/cmkempe
Twitter - https://twitter.com/cmkempe
Goodreads - http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2856943.C_Margery_Kempe
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Lady Smut - http://ladysmut.com
Tirgearr Publishing - http://tirgearrpublishing.com/authors/Kempe_CM

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  1. A hearty welcome back, C. Margery, and congrats on the release of yet another wonderful story, One Night in Rome.

    Tell us, why did you chose Rome for your sexy setting? And was there a Lorenzo in your past who inspired this story? Enquiring minds want to know! ;-)

  2. Thanks, Kem. No Lorenzo, but there are plenty of handsome men in Rome!