Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Marie Maher: An American Detective in Paris

One of the best things I enjoy is introducing the world to a new author and to new stories. Today I get to do both.

Joining us today is Marie Maher. Marie is a prolific writer living in the English countryside with her husband, daughter, and a beautiful rescue dog. Marie is a prolific writer, having published two novels before today, as well as writing for a number of magazines.

Today, Marie releases the first book in a new romance series, An American Detective in Paris, book one of the American Detective series.

Kelly Saunders is an American woman living in Paris and working as a private detective. Young, pretty, and feisty, one would think she'd have Frenchmen knocking down her door. This is the city of love, after all, right? But not so. Rather than dwell on the fact her love life is a bit quiet at the moment, she concentrates on something she really enjoys doing -- catching bad guys. And she's just been hired to track down and bring in a notorious jewel thief. She's aided by (or should that be hampered by) two police detectives, Capitaine Martieu and Lieutenant Basteaux.

Then she runs into Michel Philippe -- literally runs into him with her car as she's chasing a bad guy -- who faints in her arms from shock. After a trip to the emergency room, Kelly finds she enjoys the company of her new friend who ends up helping her with her big case.

What a story! One cannot help but hear Henry Mancini's Pink Panther theme music while reading this story. Marie has delivered an excellent first edition to this new series with a story full of humor, intrigue, and sweet romance. Kelly is a fun character who's not afraid to get her hands dirty to catch the bad guy, and she's smart enough to know a good thing when it's staring her in the face. Even while being hampered by the French authorities, Kelly is determined to get her men (both the crook and Michel), no matter what obstacles get in her way. This is one of my funnest reads so far this year. I can't wait to see what Marie has up her sleeve for the next story in this series!

Readers -- Before we get to the blurb and excerpt, remember that we're giving away a copy of this book to one lucky commenter. Be sure to leave your email address for contact.

• • •

Kelly Sanders is an American private eye living and working in the romantic city of Paris, though romance for her is thin on the ground at the moment. She doesn't have time for love anyway, having been commissioned to catch a jewel thief! This thrilling chase in the run-up to Christmas leads her across Paris, and up the famous Eiffel Tower. She is aided and abetted by her new friend, Michel Philippe, and hampered by police detectives, Capitaine Martieu and Lieutenant Basteaux. Will Kelly find her jewel thief and, hopefully, find love?

What could be more romantic than Paris in the springtime? Imagine idling along the Left Bank, an ardent lover in the offing and the prospect of a burst of diamonds and gold on your finger. That would be nice, but now this is winter, a week to go until Christmas, with lashing rain threatening to turn to snow. Oh, yes, and a dangerous jewel thief is on the loose.

Well, I’ve no proof he’s dangerous, not yet. Nevertheless, in my job I have to prepare for anything.

Trying not to rattle my teeth by shivering, I jumped into my trusty Citro├źn, which was chomping at the bit, and prepared to follow my suspect through the slow-moving traffic.

I was sure my attention hadn’t slipped, but suddenly there was a young man sprawled across my hood. Slamming on the brakes, I jumped out.

“Are you all right?”

“Oui”…I think so.”

“Well, you’ve no right to be! What the hell do you think you’re playing at, jay-walking like that?”

I scanned the traffic while trying not to jump up and down in frustration, but it was as I suspected. The cab containing my suspect was fast disappearing into the distance.

“Now look! He’s gotten away!”

The guy was staring at me with bulging eyes, as though I was some sort of screwball or something.

“I…I am sorry, mademoiselle,” he said, slowly.

His voice was weak, and my heart missed a beat when I took a proper look at him.

“Hey, you’re bleeding! Come on, jump in and I’ll take you to the hospital.”

He touched his face and squinted in surprise at the redness on his fingers. Then he fainted.

• • •

Marie Maher has written for a number of magazines. She also has two books published on Amazon Kindle, Thirteen Days in Spain, and Ciao! Amore. These are light-hearted romantic mysteries set in various locations on the sunny Mediterranean, and are part of a series entitled 'Mediterranean Mysteries'.

Marie lives in South Yorkshire, England, with her husband, Patrick, and daughter, Sarah. She has another daughter, Helen, and a son, Karl, who have four lovely grandchildren between them! She also has to find time to keep up with her rescue dog, Poppy.

Find Marie online --

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/marie.maher.560
Twitter - https://twitter.com/mariemaher8
Blog - http://www.author-eyes.blogspot.co.uk
Tirgearr Publishing - http://tirgearrpublishing.com/authors/Maher_Marie

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Or you can grab a copy of this book now for just $1.99 through Tirgearr Publishing.


  1. Welcome to Heart of Fiction, Marie, and congratulations on the release of your newest book.

    What a fun intro to your new series! You must be a Clouseau fan. I loved all those movies. Is this where you got the idea for your story or was it something else?

    1. The Clouseau theme just came in as I went along, though I am a fan. I love writing this type of book because it's the kind of story I love to read!

  2. Looks like fun! I'm going to have to check it out -- see how it compares with Chastity Flame. Looks like more humour, less sex.

    1. yes, that's right, there is no sex in this. More hints of the passion lurking beneath!

  3. Marie, this reminds me of Inspector Clouseau so I'll be checking in out - I love subtle humour ...

  4. Looks like a lotta fun, Marie. Bonne chance!

  5. Sounds like a great story, Marie! Congratulations.

  6. congratulations, Marie. Looks like a good laugh!

  7. Thank you so much to all of you you took the time to leave a message. Much appreciated

  8. I will definitely read this book
    As i am PI working in Icon detective agency in chennai.